Appointing an Authorised Representative

What is an Authorised Representative?

Ever had the inconvenience of calling up for information only to be told that you aren't authorised? This is because under the Australian Privacy Act, personal information can only be provided to the account holder or an authorised representative.


But that doesn't mean we won't talk to you. We can still provide general information (like the information that is easily found on our website).


Nominating an Authorised Representative

If you are an account holder and would like to nominate an Authorised Representative on your account, please call us on 1800 430 944.


After we have asked you a few security questions, we will assist you in adding an authorised representative on your account. Please make sure that you have their contact details (email, mobile, landline, etc) ready before you call.


Download Connexus Appointment of Authorised Representative Form