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Traditional desk phones for the modern workplace

Cloud Line lets you choose how you call. We understand that businesses are different. If you want to use a desk phone or cordless, not just a mobile app or softphone, you can.





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Desk phones are sold as part of the Cloud Line service.



Simple setup

Simple setup

Desk phones will arrive at your office ready-to-use. No extra configuration is required.

Touch key features

Touch key features

Manage calls at the touch of a button: hold, transfer, conference, call queue and more.

Dual ring

Dual ring

Be notified when you receive calls across all your devices including desk phone, mobile and tablet or computer.

Do desk phones cost extra?

Yes. Devices are sold separately to the Cloud Line service. This is a once-off, outright purchase (so you don’t pay any extra monthly charges).


The cost of the device will vary based on the quantity you order and the length of your contract. We’re happy to wheel-and-deal, contact us for a quote.

Can I use any desk phone with Cloud Line?

No. Only our approved range of devices can be used. We have tested these devices to ensure the best call quality and user experience.

How many desk phones can I have per line?

You can have up to two devices connected per line. However, those devices will share the same number and extension.

Why do I need desk phones?

We recognise that a lot of businesses still need desk phones for a variety of reasons.

  • Some office-based roles don’t require mobility

  • Shared phones and conference phones

  • Professional image for receptionists or EAs

  • You are accustomed to using a handset to make and receive calls

How do I setup my phones?

Our desk phones come pre-configured, so you don’t have to worry about setting up anything yourself. Simply plug the desk phone into the internet and you’re good to go!


If you change your mind about the setup, the Cloud Line admin portal lets you control the nitty-gritty. Assign which numbers ring which phone, allocate extensions, setup ring groups, setup call queues, record your voicemail(s) and more.


Feeling lost? We totally get it.

Finding the right solution can get pretty confusing. Don't worry, call our friendly team and we can help.