Features you'll love

Call Routing

Agent Groups
Conference Rooms


Hunt Groups (Ring Groups)
Paging Groups

Park Orbits

Robot Receptionist
Service Flags (After Hours 

PBX Voice

A - C

Attended Call Transfer
Agent Groups / Call Queuing
Barge in / listen in/ teach mode*
BLF / Presence
Block Caller ID
Call back
Call Twinning
Call Forward always
Call Forward Not Reachable
Call Forward on Busy
Call Forward on No Answer
Call Forward remotely via web portal
Call ID Blocking on a per call basis*
Call Group Pickup
Call Park/Pickup
Simple Call Recording*
Call Redial
Call Return
Call transfer recall
Call waiting Activate / 
Caller ID

Simple Conference Rooms
Configurable calling line ID
Configurable Time Format
Configurable User ID
Custom Buttons creations for 
auto-provisioned phones

D - F

Direct Inward/outward Dialling
Directed call park
Directed call pick-up
Directed call pickup with barge in
Do Not Disturb (DND)
Email on Missed Call
Enterprise-wide directory
Extension Dialling

G - I

Immediate Voice Mail

P - R

Paging Groups
Personalized Name recording
Phone List – Personal
Phone List – Group
Push to talk
Record Off*
Record On*
Remote Office
Residential call restrictions
Ring Period
Ring Timer

J - L

Immediate Voice Mail
Last number redial
Listen to automatic recordings*

S - U

Sequential Ring
Shared call appearance
Simultaneous ring

M - O

Move current call to user 
mobile phone*
Music on Hold

V - Z

Voicemail (Mailbox)
Voicemail to Email

*Available via Star Code Only

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