Legal information for pre-2019 customers

This legal and product information applies to customers who are on old Connexus solutions (pre-2019). Please note these solutions are no longer available for sale.

Application of General Terms & Conditions for Legacy Customers

This area sets out our General and Enterprise customer terms and conditions. The terms apply to supply of Connexus products and services from 1 January 2015 to 31 March 2019, and you must comply with them unless we have agreed to different terms. You need to read these documents to understand the agreement and your rights and obligations.

If you are a residential user, business or non-profit organisation, and you acquire a service primarily for personal or business use (but not for resale), and you have an annual spend with us of less than $20,000, and you did not have an opportunity to negotiate the contract terms with us, our General terms and conditions apply.

See Full General Terms

If you are a business or non-profit organisation and have an annual spend with us of more than $20,000, or if you had the chance to negotiate the contract terms with us, or if you purchase our service for resale, or if you are a government customer, our Enterprise terms and conditions apply.


See Full Enterprise Terms

These documents are provided for reference purposes only, and may be superseded by our current processes and compliance documentation.

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