Phone Service Location Data

Connexus phone services exist 'in the cloud' without the need for physical phone lines. This means that the service geo-location information will need to be manually updated when your business address changes.


Why is location information needed?

Phone service location information is used in two ways:

  • To assist emergency services to locate you, if you dial 000 from your phone service.

  • To market your business to customers in your local area.


Who uses this data?

When you update your phone service location information with Connexus, we pass this data onto third-party organisations:


The IPND (Integrated Public Number Database) which is operated by the Australian Government, relied on by Emergency Services. We recommend that you keep your phone service location up-to-date so that you can be located in the event of an emergency.


How can I update this information?

Please contact Connexus Customer Support on 1800 430 944.

We will update your phone service location information in our systems, which will automatically pass-through to IPND. Allow at least 2 weeks for updates to be reflected in third-party systems.


Emergency Calling Limitations

With VoIP services, calls to emergency services (triple '0') may not work at all times - for example when the power is out or the internet is down. We recommend that you keep another form of telephone (landline or mobile) available for calling emergency services.


However, if there are no adverse circumstances, and you are able to call emergency services, the address registered with IPND is where help will be sent. Therefore it is very important to ensure the address information is updated.