3 tips to create a healthy workplace for your small business

Workplace wellness has become more and more important over the years. If you want your business to pay more than just lip service to it, how do you create a workplace where both people and productivity thrive?

Businesses are becoming more aware of the link between healthy, happy employees and the effect of engagement to their bottom line. A Comcare study found workplace health and wellbeing programs “provide an excellent return on investment”, saving six dollars for every dollar spent.

Benefits included a decrease in sick leave, increased productivity and reduced staff turnover. So how can you incorporate wellness into your business as usual?

Increase flexible work options

Implementing flexible workplace agreements is one way to instantly boost the health and wellbeing of your workforce. Recent studies by Headsup show there are clear links between flexible work, employee autonomy and improved mental health.

Allowing your employees the option of working remotely or to a compressed workweek/with variable hours not only boosts productivity, but also increases employee engagement and builds culture.

Offering flexible work hours also allows you to attract the best talent and a diverse range of employees who may have been hampered entering the workforce by traditional nine to five employment.

Make use of tech

Technology has greatly improved our lives in the past decade, both at home and in the workplace. We’re entering an age where AI, cloud and machine learning are delivering a new way to work. Your business and your employees can benefit by adopting digital technology to automate menial tasks.

This will free up their time to work on important assignments, providing increased job satisfaction.

Think about ways you can use cloud solutions to automate areas of your business and integrate machine learning into the day-to-day.

Forget the grand gesture

Sure, we’d all love to work at a place where there are free lunches, masseuses on call and sleeping pods are the norm. However, small businesses don’t have the big budgets of the major corporates. If you want to increase workplace wellness, sweat the details rather than make grand gestures.

Valuing your employees and the benefits they bring to your business is the first step. Culture leads from the top down. If you offer flexible work make sure you also take up the option as well, so employees understand flexible work is encouraged.

Celebrate business wins together, praise work that is done well and encourage open communication between you and your staff. You will be delighted with the results.