5 apps that will improve your workday

As the importance of workplace wellness becomes increasingly vital to the culture and productivity of your business, isn’t it time you considered some simple steps to make wellness part of your employees’ daily routine?

It can be easier than you think. These five apps assist you and your employees to turn the focus to improving health and wellbeing throughout the workday.


If you’re feeling like a couch potato at work, then Hotseat could be the app you are looking for. It easily syncs with your calendar to create a custom activity program that will nudge you to get you moving.

Prolonged sitting has negative effects on your health, so an app such as Hotseat will keep you on your feet. The app also allows you to set challenges with your colleagues and compete to stay active.


They say healthy mind, healthy body – so why wouldn’t you also want to train your brain? Using the Elevate app is like taking your brain to the gym. There are over 30 games that are designed to boost your productivity, focus and self-confidence. Start tracking your brain health today and see the benefits!

Meditation Studio

More people are understanding the benefits of meditation to help clear your mind and alleviate stress, so using a meditation app is a no brainer. Meditation Studio provides guided meditations that will help you to hone your focus and prepare for the day ahead.

Mediations are helpfully grouped into categories depending on your purpose, whether that’s clarifying your intentions for that important meeting or learning to let go of something that is riling you.

Power Nap

Power naps are said to restore focus, wakefulness and promote energy and learning. The benefits are so positive that that many corporate offices and universities have now included sleep pods as part of their workplace set-up.

While it’s unlikely you have sleep pods in your small business space, you may have a break room. Why not consider converting a corner into a rest and relaxation area where your employees can kick back for 20-30 minutes and re-energise? The Power Nap app makes it simple for them to do so by offering relaxing sounds to unwind to and pleasant alarms to rouse you from your sleep.


If forming good habits is something you struggle with, then an app like Streaks will assist you in setting simple goals to help you on your wellness path. You can track up to a dozen activities and Streaks will nudge you to ensure you complete them.

You can choose from over 500 tasks and Streaks will let you customise how you want to complete them. The app also syncs with the health app on your iPhone, making it easy to track such stats as how many steps you’re taking throughout the day. Start creating some healthy habits today!

If you’re serious about health and wellbeing, making use of these apps will help you marry your wellness journey at home and in the workplace. That can only be positive for both you and your business.