5 hacks to make workplace wellness part of your business

Health and wellness have gone from being buzzwords to a part of everyday living. For an increasing number of people, wellness not only plays a part in their home life but their work day too. As more businesses put wellness centre stage – attracting top talent along the way – it’s important that business owners adopt wellness as part of their workplace strategy.

These 5 hacks make adopting wellness as part of your business a cinch.

Make wellness everyday

All too often, business owners relegate wellness to one-off challenges or team building exercises as they encourage people to take part in efforts such as dry July or Meat-Free Mondays. However, wellness should be part of the day-to-day of how you and your employees run your business. Look for ways to incorporate wellness in and see the benefits it can bring.

Make snack time healthy

When you’re tied to a desk or on a deadline, it can be easy to make unhealthy food choices. So why not consider supplying your staff with healthy snack options? Healthy snacks aid in weight control, improve mood, and boost energy. If you already provide snacks to your staff, why not swap out the sugary salty treats for something more nutritious?

Swap sitting for standing

It’s a well-known fact that sedentary lifestyles can be a killer. Spending hours of your day chained to a desk can be detrimental to your health. It’s one reason standing desks are becoming so popular. Do your staff a favour and supply them with a standing desk.

Adjustable-height standing desks allow users to easily switch between standing and sitting while working. This prevents them from remaining in one position for too long, ultimately benefiting their health in the long run.

Celebrate wellness Wednesday

Ditch hump day shenanigans for a wellness-centric focus and encourage your staff to dedicate Wednesdays to healthier lifestyle practices. Assigning one day a week to healthy activities can be more manageable and less overwhelming for those who are initiating a wellness practice for the first time.

Meet on the fly

If your day is swamped with meetings, you’re in danger of leading a very sedentary lifestyle, so why not switch things up by swapping out some of your sit-down meetings for walking meetings instead?

In fact Stanford researchers uncovered a link between walking and creativity, so it makes even more sense to get your creative juices flowing with a meeting on the go…