5 leadership tips to take control of your business

The old saying ‘there is no I in team’ is an adage that holds true in both sports and business, but your business is only as strong as the qualities of leadership that are being promoted. Great leadership not only inspires employees but can foster growth and opportunity as well.

As a small business owner, you wear a lot of hats but perhaps the most important is that of ‘leader’. So how can you become an inspiring leader and take your business to new heights? It’s easier than you think!

Have a clear vision

Nothing inspires like a vision for the future. Communicating a clear vision with both your staff and customers allows them to understand your business’ purpose. It helps them to buy in to your dream, what you stand for and what your business does and who you care about.

Lead by example

Ask any parent how well it goes telling their child what to do. Just like your kids, your employees will model their behaviour off you. If you want your staff to be polite and punctual, then you’d better live by that rule too. Creating a great culture in your business starts with you, so model the behaviour you want to see in others.

Learn how to delegate

We may live in a world that operates 24/7, but good business leaders understand they can’t do everything all the time and expect to do it well. Instead, they relinquish elements of their business to others. It’s all about delegating tasks that you may not be great at to someone else in your team, leaving you time to focus on what you’re good at instead.

Don’t be afraid to set boundaries

If you’ve ever worked in a team where someone is constantly negative then you will be all too familiar with the toxic effect this can have on staff morale. It’s important to protect your business from negativity. Lay some boundaries, discourage undesirable behaviour and meet challenges head on. - your business will be better for it.

Recognise talent and give credit when its due

Hiring the right staff for the right role can be one of the most difficult lessons to learn when running your own business. How do you know when someone will be the right fit? Chances are you may not, but if you have a clear vision and know your own weaknesses and strengths – you’re on the pathway to success.

Once you’ve found the right fit for your role, make sure to recognise and reward your staff when they do great work. Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes all the staff of a company working together and towards a common purpose in order to make it a success.