The surprising future of work

Updated: May 24, 2019

Here at Connexus, we’ve been thinking a lot about the future of work.

And it’s not what you think.

It’s nothing to do with smart devices or the Internet of Things. It’s not augmented reality, robot workers or hot desking.

The future isn't determined by cool technologies. It's made by people.

The nature of ‘work’ changes because we realise that we want different things out of life, different to how our parents and grandparents lived.

Humans have been re-imagining how, why and where they work for thousands of years. And it's not going to stop. Today, three dynamics are re-shaping our expectations about work:

1. It’s easier to start and grow a business

More and more Aussies are choosing to jump off the corporate ship and start their own business, and they’re more likely to get the financial and technical backing to do so.

At the big end, Aussie tech startups snagged 1.25 Billion in venture funding in 2018, an increase of 36% over 2017 numbers.

Meanwhile, small and local businesses are finding it easier to startup and grow without having to jump through the big bank hoops.

Finally, micro business are booming too: over 2.5 million Australians report that they’ve earned money from casual work in the last twelve months.

2. Aussies are thinking outside the cubicle

Remote working has come of age in the last decade. Today, more than 3.5 million Aussies are willing (and able) to do their work from home.

Big and successful businesses are starting in regional areas. And thousands of existing businesses choose to employ digital nomads to help them scale up.

3. Humans long for purpose and meaning

At a time when banks are charging fees for no service, and big telcos are promising impossible internet speeds, Aussies are jaded by business profiteering.

This is true for customers and for staff. Would you want to devote your life and career to perpetuating unfairness and deception - even if you were paid a fortune?

Research shows that wages are one of the least effective ways of motivating employees. We are more likely to work for, and buy from, businesses that align with our values.

Loving your work is the future of work

Our conclusion is simple. The future of work is being able to work on your own terms.

We believe that in the future most Aussies will choose to work for themselves, and many will choose to work outside metro regions, and they will be happier and healthier for doing so.

We believe that for self-employed business owners, career satisfaction will not come from a juicy paycheck or a corner office.

Satisfaction comes from doing what you love and working alongside other passionate people. No matter if you're an artisan, an electrician or an accountant.

Happiness comes from earning your independence, professionally and financially. And it comes from escaping the comfortable misery of corporate life.

Connexus makes the future possible

At Connexus, our purpose is to enable this future. As a telco focused on small and medium business, we provide the communication technologies that make it possible to:

  • Choose when and where you do business

  • Control how you serve customers (or don’t)

  • Do something you love and find meaning in

  • Work alongside people who bring you joy

  • Prioritise health, fitness and family

Our business isn’t about ‘business telecommunications’ – even though that’s what we sell. The telecom products we sell are simply tools that make it easier and faster and more affordable for customers to work on their own terms.

Connexus exists to enable small business success through technology. We want you to achieve the independence and work satisfaction you crave. We want you to find joy outside the cubicle and find the courage to jump off the corporate ship. We want you to make good money. And we want you to achieve all this while doing what you love.

Welcome to the future. #LoveYourWork