Why your business mobile might really be costing you business

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

If you're a sole trader or small business owner, chances are, your mobile also doubles as your business phone line.

It's a no-brainer.

You're reachable anywhere, you already pay for a juicy plan with unlimited calls, and you certainly don't want the hassle of a second 'work-only' phone.

But there are downsides. You're signing up to be contactable 24/7 - whether it's convenient or not. And you're obligated to answer - at the risk of losing thousands in potential business.

In fact, using a mobile for business calling might really be costing you business.

Downside 1: Customers call at the most inconvenient times

Just about to step out of the office for a Friday afternoon drink? (Go on, you've earned it).

Mentally, you've already left the office, but just as you step out the door your phone starts ringing. It's that lead you called on Monday. He has some questions, and he's feeling chatty...

Hiking through the wilds enjoying the serenity of nature? Your customers don't know that. Never mind that it's your first day off in six months, they really need to get a quote today.

Sitting down for a romantic dinner with your partner? Candles. Smooth jazz. Staring deep into their eyes, and... yep, that's your mobile.

Downside 2: Phone calls are really high stakes

Sure, you could let the call ring out. But it'll cost you.

International research has shown that a single missed call results in an average loss of over $2000 (Australian) in missed business. Worse, 85% of missed calls will not call you back. (Source).

If you've ever had to follow-up tepid online enquiries, you already know that phone calls are about the most valuable kind of lead. These are customers who have found you in a business directory, online or via a Google search. They know what they want, and they're ready to buy now.

If you're not answering your phone, your competitor will be.

What your business needs

You didn't get into business to be a slave to your phone and the vicissitudes of marketing. You're in business to do what you love - to balance life and work, family and health, and make a good living along the way.

At Connexus, we think the solution is to untangle business and personal.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could know when someone was calling you for business, allowing you to (politely) decline personal calls if they didn't suit you.

Wouldn't it be liberating if you knew that missed or declined business calls would go through to a separate business voicemail message?

With Connexus Cloud Line - you can have all this, and more.

Introducing Cloud Line for mobile

Cloud Line gives you a second ('business') number on your mobile. Instead of giving out your mobile you can give out a local number that rings on your mobile.

When calls come into your Cloud Line number, you'll see that it's a business call, and can decide whether or not to respond.

You're able to answer via the Cloud Line app, and if you call out via the app, you can choose to show your business number in the Caller ID. Yay privacy!

If you choose not to respond then callers will go to a ('business') Voicemail with a message that you can customise. When customers leave a message, the Voicemail to Email feature will automatically send you the audio so you can listen and respond in your own time.

Not only does this let you control when and how calls reach your business, but it gives you the ability to work however and wherever you like.

Cloud Line is available now - Plans start at just $20/month.

Now, back to that romantic dinner...