Small biz stories: Your Wealthy Life

Founded by Megan Hodge with the sole purpose of creating a client-focused environment dedicated to improving financial literacy, Your Wealthy Life is a full-service financial planning practice located in Gawler, SA that delivers authentic and transparent financial advice.

Megan and her team empower their clients to reach their financial goals, providing tailored financial advice around life insurance, income protection, superannuation, retirement planning, investments and much more.


What Connexus services do you have?

We have three CloudLine cordless desk phones, plus the CloudLine app as well.

How have those Connexus services helped shift your business from the office to the home?

Now we have this professional landline number, it’s helped remove everything coming through me for the business, as all the calls would come through on my mobile before. When we had to shift to working from home, it really helped in the sense of, if I can't get to the phone, the call will still be answered [thanks to all my staff having access to CloudLine].

How was having to shift from the office to working from home?

It was so easy! I don’t know how to compare it because some people would have to organise diversions and things like that, but our staff have their mobiles anyway and [the CloudLine app] was already on there. I just plugged my desk phone into my modem at home and it worked. For someone who is not so technical, that was pretty cool.

How is Your Wealthy Life going at the moment?

Business is good and we’re growing. Our industry at the moment is going through a lot of changes, so we’re adapting to that and trying to build our roots as a newer-age financial planning firm.

Have you found that clients have appreciated your unique take on tackling financial planning?

Without a doubt. We’ve had people specifically reach out to us who have said they just like the feel of how we approach financial planning. That was really important for us, as we aim to keep everything very real and transparent and we don’t speak in jargon. I think that’s what people are looking for – they just want some guidance and someone who they can talk to and partner with. We take away all the pretentiousness of financial planning and try and show people that everyday Australians will benefit from getting financial advice.

Would you recommend Connexus to other businesses that are working from home and if so, why?

Definitely – and I’ve recommended a number of businesses already! I think the biggest thing was, from starting as a solo-preneur and then growing a team, it’s so important both to have the professional image that a business phone number gives you and something that’s scalable as your team grows. CloudLine definitely helps with that, as it does with work life balance too, as it allows you to have a phone number where you can set office hours.


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