Professional Voice Recording

Get welcome messages, interactive voice responses and out of hours messages recorded professionally for your business.

How it's done

  1. Order Voice Recording online

  2. Enter your details and the Connexus Sale Number

  3. Choose the voice talent, and recording tone

  4. Provide the recording script

  5. The message is recorded and is sent to Connexus

One time charge

No ongoing or hidden costs


per message
up to 30 seconds

One-off payment
No ongoing or hidden costs

Customise with CloudLine

Add voice recordings to your CloudLine

Min total: $55 per recording GST incl. One-off payment

Terms and Conditions

Personalise your business with custom recordings

Personalised voice recordings can be recorded for up to 30 seconds of play-time. Choose from template scripts or create something unique.

Connexus has teamed up with Media Group™ to provide CloudLine customers a professional, high quality message recording service.


How can Voice Recording benefit you?

Professional Voice Recording is becoming an essential for any small business. It allows for a great piece of mind for consistent and professional greetings and calling queueing.

Simple setup

Voice recording is easy to setup, simply submit your script and forget about the rest.


Messages are
pre-recorded and played automatically whenever you receive a call.

Welcome messages

Get the greeting you deserve with scripted or customised welcome messages

After hours

When you're not in the office, seamlessly switch between recorded messages.

Customise your CloudLine

Find your voice with totally custom or pre-scripted messages with a selection of tones for any CloudLine product.